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We Drive your Data to Lower your Defaults

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Check out our Portfolio Snapshot Template & get immediate insights. Simple AI. No Fuss.    

How does it work?

Our AI-based Scoring & Action Engines are the only solution that allows you to scale while keeping a grip on your defaults and operational cost. 

Get Data to Work for You  

Scoring Engine

Fill out our AI Snapshot Template and get Insights get in <60 sec.

In parallel, we'll build a proper Datalake for real-time control 

We Score & Segment your Riders real time on eg payment, safety, and effort.


This way we can provide an Early Warning.

Action Engine

Automated of actions towards the Rider such as notifcations, warning, and training. 

Our Tech & Touch approach  suggest follow-up actions  for your team

Meet the Team

Our team of serial entrepreneurs has a background in AI, Tech, and e-Mobility

“We see InCharge as the company that will bring AI to managing Boda Riders"

a Large Lender

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